2 Extreme Sports in Bali

Bali paragliding Tandem

Bali paragliding and paratriking activities have taken off, literally, over the past decade, making flying and enjoying the island by air more accessible to all. They offer a great way to experience Bali from a totally different perspective, soaring 50 to 150 metres high for around 15 to 20 minutes or more, with birds’ eye views over scenic coastlines of popular southern beaches, or blue ocean waves bordering green cliffs over Bali’s Bukit peninsula. There are several Bali paragliding and paratrike clubs in Bali that offer tandem flights for visitors. Among them is the Bali Paragliding Club, composed of professional hobbyists and licensed tandem master pilots who all have considerable flight hours under their belt, and who can easily and safely take you soaring up in the sky. The primary paragliding launch base in Bali is at the coastal clifftop of Timbis in southern Bali, with favourable flying months between April and October.

Water jetpacks Bali

Water jetpacks – which come in many different versions and are often referred to as ‘flyboards’ – is a new water sport craze that hit Bali following their creation by French waterman and inventor, Franky Zapata, in 2012. Much of the jet propulsion mechanism is akin to what you would find in a jet ski, but the jet nozzles are instead strapped to a pair of special boots, allowing riders to manoeuvre in an upright standing position, as if levitating. You can ride or ‘fly’ 10 to 15m high above the water’s surface with the help of these jetpacks, and skilled riders can perform insane manoeuvres that include diving and breaching. Most operators of flyboards and water jetpacks in Bali are found along Bali’s so-called ‘water sports playground’ of Tanjung Benoa, and they are an additional feature to regular marine activities available there.

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