To do in bali for 3 Days 2 Nights

With some of the world’s most beautiful beaches, an endless array of accommodation options, and hundreds of exciting activities to choose from, it is no wonder as to why Bali is such a highly sought after destination. A true tropical paradise filled with all you could ever need in a perfect holiday, your upcoming trip to this Southeast Asian wonder will surely be nothing short of unforgettable. To ensure you make the absolute most of each hour you are there, we suggest sticking to this step-by-step itinerary filled with tons of fun places to see, treasures to discover, and things to do. Let’s get started assuming you decide to stay in the popular area of Seminyak – the best spot for a limited amount of vacation time!

DAY 1:Beach Time


To start your day off right( opens at 7am) where you can enjoy a delicious and filling breakfast just before you head out for some real Bali adventures! They’ll take good care of you whether you are traveling solo, with your loved one, or with a family full of little ones and get you well on your way to an exciting day ahead.

Day 2: Arts, Culture & Pampering


For today’s breakfast we suggest you try something new at the lovely and artistic Ubud on Drupadi. From its eclectic and vibrant décor from the inside out, the workers will make you feel right at home from the moment you walk through its doors. With tons of fresh ingredients and plenty to choose from, Kreol Kitchen will provide a great start to day 2!

Once satisfied, it is now time to submerge yourselves in the healing baths of Tirta Empulbefore you continue on your way to Pura Gunung Kawi – one of Bali’s oldest temples. Be sure to have your cameras ready at both places and then continue the journey towards the center of Ubud – a true gem of Bali.



Bali paragliding and paratriking activities have taken off, literally, over the past decade, making flying and enjoying the island by air more accessible to all. They offer a great way to experience Bali from a totally different perspective, soaring 50 to 150 metres high for around 15 to 20 minutes or more, with birds’ eye views over scenic coastlines of popular southern beaches, or blue ocean waves bordering green cliffs over Bali’s Bukit peninsula. There are several Bali paragliding and paratrike clubs in Bali that offer tandem flights for visitors. Among them is the Bali Paragliding Club, composed of professional hobbyists and licensed tandem master pilots who all have considerable flight hours under their belt, and who can easily and safely take you soaring up in the sky. The primary paragliding launch base in Bali is at the coastal clifftop of Timbis in southern Bali, with favourable flying months between April and October.

Day 3:  Beaches Again and traveling

Take a last sip of your espresso and prepare for another full but exciting day ahead as you make your way to Pura Luhur Batukaru where you can explore the jungle and soak up the wild air of the great Bali outdoors.


Head out from Pura Luhur Batakuru and toward Jatiluwih to first enjoy a tasty meal at J Terrace where unbeatable unobstructed views of rice paddy fields and friendly service will be well worth the journey. Next, get a closer look at the rice fields as you walk around and explore the area a bit.

alk amongst the locals and explore what makes this tiny gem of a place so unique and special before slowly making your way back to Seminyak to pack up your bags.


Depending on your flight, you’ll want to be sure to head to the airport with ample amount of time. However, if you have some extra time on your hands before taking off, be sure to enjoy one more Bali sunset along the ocean shores with either a dinner or simply a drink in hand.

Wave goodbye to your new friends you’ve made along the way and begin planning how and when you will soon be returning to beautiful Bali.

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