PARAGLIDING TANDEM FLIGHT We Offer IDR 1.300.000 Including Free Transport

Have you ever wanted to know what it’s like to fly like an eagle? Then why not take a tandem flight, which we offer for IDR by request (including pick up  from hotel to fly site, and back to hotel, kuta, denpasar, nusa dua, jimbaran, uluwatu area). Call we if you more than one pax. The tandem flight consists of a short instructional briefing followed by a 20 minutes flight (weather permitting).

The tandem paraglider is flown by one of our fully qualified pilots. During the flight the pilot will explain to you what he is doing, and if conditions permit, allow you some hands-on control of the glider.

A tandem flight is an exciting, one-off experience, however if having experienced the thrill of free flight you wish to take it further, we are able to offer you a full training.

In-flight photo and video can be arranged on request.

What you get/apa yang akan kau dapatkan

  • 15-20 minute flying
  • free mineral water
  • Sunblock for free
  • enjoy private site flying with hammock
  • we have restaurant
  • clean toilet
  • coverage insurance ( 250 mill )
  • easy to find near to uluwatu temple
  • pilot tandem with international certification
  • ground crew with the experience
  • max 30 passanger per day
  • Pick up from hotel back to hotel again

Apa yang akan kau dapatkan?

  • 15-20 menit terbang bebas diatas pantai
  • Gratis air mineral
  • Gratis lotion tabir surya
  • Nikmati area tunggu dengan hammock
  • Kita memeiliki restaurant jika akan makan
  • Kita memiliki toilet bersih di area terbang
  • Setiap penumpangvyang terbang , diasuransikan ( 250 juta )
  • Setiap pilot tandem, memiliki lisensi internasional penerbang tandem (FASI: Federation aerospot Indonesia)
  • Kru terbang memiliki pengalaman dalam keselamatan terbang
  • Gratis penjemputan dari dan menuju hotel tempat penumpang



How long it will take?

The training time before a student can fly unsupervised will depend on the individuals aptitude and weather conditions. First you have to achieve Student Pilot Rating, which takes on average 4 days.

Continuing under supervision, the next step is to gain Beginner Pilot Rating, this takes a further 2 – 3 days tuition.

Once you have Beginner Pilot Rating you can fly unsupervised. Remember, this is a general guide only, as a license has to be earned, by accomplishing set tasks, and passing an exam.

2 Days Introduction – US$ 250.00

The focus of this course is to get you into the air, once you have demonstrated control of the canopy on the ground.

If you then decide you’d like to take it further, these days are credited towards Student Pilot license.

Include 1 tandem flight.

4 Days – Student Pilot (PS) – US$ 450.00

This course builds on the introduction, and includes theory of flight, meteorology, air law, and aerodynamics.  At the end of the course you will sit a written exam, and if successful will acquire a Student Pilot license. This license requires that you always fly under supervision.

6 – 7 Days – Beginner Pilot (PL1) – US$ 800.00

This course follows on from the Student Pilot, and upon successful completion, you will receive a Club Pilot License. The course includes rapid descent techniques, active flying. This license requires that you always fly under supervision.


  1. Berapa ongkos “tandem flight” untuk orang local (KTP Bali) ? Anak 10 tahun bisa ikut ? Dan, dapat korting terus karena kami tidak butuh di-antar / jemput dari / ke hotel ? Makasih, ya!

    1. Terimakasih..
      Bisa menghubungi 081237522071
      Anak kecil boleh, jika berat badanya memungkinkan di kondisi angin yang baik. Silahkan kontak no diataa untuk kondiai angin dan kekuatan angin.

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